Monday, October 11, 2004

Tomato Observer for President! 

As many know, the Crawford, TX Lone Star Iconoclast endorsed John Kerry. As a result, they received a lot of interesting mail, including this gem:

I believe the Democrats would nominate and vote for a vine ripened
tomato as long as that tomato was "a good socialist". That's right, a
tomato. All the (democrat) "talking heads" on television would tell us
"their tomato" would raise taxes on the evil rich, and be "fair" and "for
the children". Their tomato is pro-abortion, pro-queer, pro-black, and
environmentally friendly. And that their tomato would be "strong" on defense
by "working with our allies" and the UN. Their tomato is for "FREE"
education, health care, welfare, childcare, and medicine for the
"unfortunate illegal aliens" who just want a better life picking "our
tomatoes". And that Republicans are anti-tomato, and would ruin the air and
water as to "destroy" and discriminate against "all tomatoes" by "drilling
for Oil in the tomato patch". And that Republicans "have a plan" to keep
tomatoes from voting at the polls by chopping them up and putting them "in a
Bellmead, Tx. 76705

I'm flattered, but I'm really too busy getting out the vote for John Kerry this year to run for president!


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